Information below was compiled by Bro John McMaster PM of 566


Meeting in Queenshead hotel to get lodge in area. Bro J Wilson presiding.



Bro J Galloway in chair, Petitioned G L of S for Charter. Bro J Lambie pm/198 went to GL of S where after some delay it was granted.


8 -04-1875

Bro J Hamilton - R A 198 in chair + 8 others from 198, 2 from 237 and 1 from 252 Thornhill.

Bro Jas Galloway was first RWM of Dailly plus 12 brethren inc local names like bryden and Kennedy. 1st sec was Bro Jas McChesnie.



2nd meeting. Premises were mentioned as being too small but not further action at this time.



1st affiliate was charged 5s/6d and James Hamilton 198 was made an Hon Member.



Brethren were raised, passed and entered all on the same day by the RWM. In the middle of the meeting refreshment to labour and back again.



Proposed by RWM Galloway and Seconded by Willie Dunlop that Trevor Hall of the Kings Arms Hotel Dailly be approached for the use of the Hall.



First Provincial visit by PGM and Sir James Fergusson who was an Hon Member.



1st Brother suspended for 12 months for immoral conduct and disposed of his office.



Secretary requested to order 100 copies of bye laws for the lodge.



Balance of 2s/6d in the first treasurers report.



went to monthly meetings for the first time in the summer months due to small attendances.



17 brethren nominated for 14 offices



125 visit to Dailly to confer MM degree.

Average attendance in to 26 meetings in second year was 20 people.



14 office bearers elected at annual meeting.

Concretion ceremony was to be charged at 1s per person.



PG Sec and PG Chaplin plus 3 other brethren were made Hon members following consecration ceremony.




committee appointed to organised a “Ball” for the anniversary of the installation of the Lodge to be held on the 15 Feb 1878, invitations to be sent to 11, 198, 237 and 565.



the hall rent was late and a levee of 1s per month was levied at the brethren where £20/4s was raised.



a meeting of Subscribers to be held to dispose of the Harmonium to best advantage.

After seeing Bro Perry (Hall Keeper) the rent was reduced to £2/- and allowed it to be paid yearly.



Bill was received from G Kenning Masonic depot for 20 Masonic calendars 10s. It was also decided that any brother should speak once on a subject to allow other brethren to have a chance.



Death of Bro Jas Galloway first master of Dailly.


1882 - 1905

RWM was Bro Gilbert Wilson (23 Years in Chair)



Ten years since starting 1885 treasurers report gave a balance of £6/8s/3d



following a visit from 237 a social hour was had together. At the following meeting a bill for refreshments of £1/14s/4d



Death of Past Treasurer Bro David Bryden, by an accident at work where he was buried with Masonic honours.  A subscription was taken for his widow and large family. Letter were also sent to local lodges and the Masonic benevolence.



£33/5s/10d was paid to Bro Bryden’s widow and £6 was received fro G L of S.


3-3-1888 and 7-4-1888

The Secretary and Past Secretary gave lectures on Freemasonry.



Brethren presented the RWM with a MM jewel and a broach for his wife as a token of esteem he was held in by them.



566 was invited by the Kirk Session and Minister to lay the foundation stone of the church hall which was being built.



it was proposed that a change of night be made so as they were different from he Free Gardeners which was passed at the next meeting.



change in the G L of S constitution where 14 days must elapse between each degree.



It was read from the PGL that 11th May would be the laying of the foundation stone, it was agreed to invited the local free gardeners to join the procession.



Lodge was to purchase a set of working tools.



Secretary was asked to write to Kenning to enquire about the purchase of 12 aprons.



aprons arrived and were sent back for being to fine and bare-looking, they were to be changed or altered.



a sample was sent back, it was better and 12 were ordered @ 39s



aprons now accepted.



Bro William Smith presented the masters desk and on approval was instructed to make one each for the wardens.



Bro Rev Lamont conducted the first church service where 11, 198 and 237 were present. RWM Bro McDougall of 237 spoke about the service, preparation and refreshment provided.



A Lecture on “Knocks and Essentials” was given on the inner craft by the PGL Secretary Bro Sinclair.

It was proposed that a printed Masonic sermon by Bro Rev Lamont be made available and sold at a small charge.



it is noted the death of Major General Sir Hector MacDonald, “at the removal by death of so gallant, noble and upright a man”



Motion for change of premises to lesser hall of the old free church, (back road  where new bungalows have been built - new doctors surgery)



moved into the lesser hall of the old free church.



passing of the RWM Bro Gilbert Wilson, conveyed to Dailly cemetery, obituary in minute books lasted 3.5 pages.



Moved back to Lodge room in Kings Arms Hotel.



motion discussed after tabled a t previous meeting to change night from Saturday to Thursday, which was approved.



Total in Lodge funds£21/16s/4d



After years of proxy masters (2) he lodge’s first record of Master and Warden’s being present at G L of S.



RWM Bro Thomas Dykes was made an Hon member of  Electic Lodge of Instruction No 1201 in London which was generally considered the lodge of instruction to the rest of the world.



Lodge was presented with a sword by Bro Cox, also Bro Dykes (RWM) presented a fine Spanish mahogany pedestal, also RWM was asked to purchase 3 tracing boards for the Lodge.



The RWM acted as a candidate to allow the Secretary to rehearse the EA degree.



Masonic Service/parade led by the Dailly flute band. To the united free church.



A proposal for receptacle for keeping books as well as tables + chairs for the RWM’s and W’s



previously formed music committee showed the results of their labours, by introducing opening and closing odes as well as selections for the F C degree.



following a communication from Provincial G L, 11 names were forwarded to PG Sec, for the Roll of Honour of Brethren serving with the colours, 2 were sent at this time K.I.A.



GL requested roll of honour be held off until nearer the end of the war.



Another Masonic parade was held which was led by the boy scouts pipe band, maybole.


1875 - 1917

duration of first minute book where 9 RWM’s and 12 Secretary’s



2 pages were to be left in the attendance book for any brother wishing too be buried with Masonic honours.



£2/2s Red Triangle fund, £5/5s local war memorial fund.



£7/10s local peace celebrations.



A request was read from RAC no 456, to alter the pedestal to suit the RAC, any expense was to be incurred by the R.A



Glasgow Hospital ENT dept £2/2s



Ayr Hospital £10/10s



It was agreed to advertise and the Ayr Advertiser was selected for the first time.



The fee for advertising was increased from 2s/6d to 3s/6d. other papers were checked out.



2s was accepted from the Ayrshire post.



12 Brethren attended the consecration of 1212.



A building was started and £100 was transferred.



it was decided to appoint a deputation to approach Cornel Dalrymple Hamilton with a view to terms and conditions of a hall in the back road, Dailly.



a letter was received from Bargany Estate offering terms and conditions.

1 lease of ground for 250 years.

2 duty of £2 + a further displacement duty of £2 every 20 years

3 purchase price £200, £100 in cash and £100 to remain on as a bond @ 5%

4 only for Masonic purposes

5 if ever sold it is to be offered too Bargany estate.

 This was accepted pending approval of PGL.



Building committee raised charges for storage and rents within the Lodge.



IOGT Lodge asked to remove stuff after damage done and refused to pay an increased charge to cover the damage.



quotes taken from firms for work in the Lodge for building work which came to a total £167/7s/0.5d, painting would be extra.



it was decided to present gifts to the RWPGM and the architect at the consecration ceremony. After some correspondence the RWPGM would be presented with a trowel and although the architect made no charge a carriage clock with inscription.



Final arrangements for the consecration ceremony. Part of the large hall would be used by the brethren and the Greenhead Hotel would be booked for the PGL.



Consecration ceremony at the M T back road.



one of the shortest minutes where after the intro followed 6 lines, opened, passed and raised to the mark degree, business of the evening being the instruction on the mark degree. The lodge thereafter was closed in due and ancient form.



initiation of Charles Fergusson



Bro Sir Charles Fergusson was presented with a mark jewel on leaving the district to take up post of Governor General of New Zealand, in reply he offered the Lodge custody of an organ until his term of office expired when he would replace it with something else.




Bro Sir Charles Fergusson was Grand master of Grand Lodge of New Zealand making him the 23rd since the establishment of the Grand Lodge of N Z in 1890.




an address from Bro Sir Charles Fergusson was read on his being installed as Grand Master Mason of New Zealand. He secretary was instructed to send the Lodge’s congratulations.



Sir Charles Fergusson was the first RWM of Lodge Charles Fergusson No 290 NZ Constitution in Wellington. This Lodge has now amalgamated with Empire Lodge No 225 NZC, during 1988 and is now known as Lodge Empire Fergusson Lodge No 225 NZC



Meetings were held in the parish church hall due to the fire in the Masonic temple. A small committee was appointed to look after the problems and find a suitable place to meet for carrying out their regular meetings.



at a committee meeting it was reported that the Orange Lodge had agreed to let use hteir premises. An insurance claim was submitted for £872 plus a proportion for fire brigade expenses.



first meeting held in the orange lodge. The insurance claim was settled after intervention from the PG treasurer



plans were submitted for re-consideration of the new temple. It was approved subject to PGL approving



a cable from Sir  Charles Fergusson was sent to Bro Scobie intimating that he received 2 brass wardens columns and a set of gavels.



another cable from Sir Charles Fergusson stating he had received a set of working tools.



agreed at this meeting that all  PM’s should receive a past masters jewel on vacating the chair.



Sir Charles Fergusson returned from New Zealand and presented the presents he had received from the different lodges in New Zealand.



the consecration held in the temple, no minutes recorded



New temple was formally opened by Sir Charles who was presented with a gold key for his trouble as he had been such a benefactor. John Jones was presented with 2 easy chairs for his work and interest he had undertaken during the re-building of the new temple.



A church service was held at St Machars Church in Dailly which was headed by Maybole Burgh Band and conducted by Bro Rev G W Walker.



Cable sent to Grand Secretary of New Zealand expressing sympathy with the brethren of hawkes bay district regarding the loss of life in the recent earthquake.



a collection raised at the church service in aid of the earthquake victims was £7-13/-



earthquake total finally sent was £32-11/-, for which a letter and receipt is kept in the minute book.



Lodge Charles Fergusson No 290 NZC, agreed to exchange letters between Lodges.



concert held on 9th March which raised £9-6/6.



Bro General Sir Charles Fergusson presented gift the Lodge of 4 framed pictures, one to illustrate each degree and a small library of nine Masonic books.



Special Meeting of Lodge - application made from the Dailly Burns Club to hold burns supper in Lodge on 25th of January, cost was 25/- and a further 5/- if they wishes to use dishes and cutlery.



PM’s jewel was presented to Bro Sir Charles Fergusson who now had one from “Charles Fergusson” Lodge No 290 NZC, which had been named after him.



Team from Lodge won the PGL bowling competition.



RWPGM and members of PGL arrived at an emergency meeting to present the bowling trophy to the winning rink.



566 won the PGL bowling competition for the second year running.



It was agreed to hold a whist party in the Temple to which members could invite a lady friend or partner.



During several months from October the military authorities occupied the Lodge where members of the forces were billeted and some attended meetings and worked in the degrees.



A claim was made against the military for damage caused during their stay was made.



 Bro Charles Bradley Hamilton was congratulated on being awarded the DFC for gallant and distinguished service.



A piano was purchased and presented by two brethren, discussion took place to have the platform extended the full breadth of the temple to accommodate the piano and organ, this was put on hold until the Home Guard vacated the Temple.




The claim for damages caused by the military was replied to and the amount of £52-15/6 was accepted by the brethren for the 21 items damaged.



This was the first meeting which the Lodge had been lit by electricity but at the moment there was still no heat.



Presentation ashlars of Ailsa Craig stone to be sent to 2 New Zealand Lodges, came up for discussion, prices were to be sought.



Death of Bro Sir Charles Fergusson through ill health.



Ashlars sent to New Zealand.



a photo of Sir Charles Fergusson was received from Sir James Fergusson along with his rituals and the Key which was presented to him when he opened the present temple.



Letter received from Lodge “Charles Fergusson” expressing thanks for the gifts.



PGL pointed out that 566 had contravened the constitution as there was no treasurer in place at this time.



A treasurer was finally appointed at this meeting.



J G P Gibson was initiated by RWM William Wilson



RWIM Bro McKnight quoted from Burns, Shakespeare and Shelly during the time which he install all the office bearers.



Meeting was held in the ante-room to present Bro & Mrs Sam Scobie with a cake on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary.



Bro William Nibloe IPM presented an organ to the Lodge.



an enquiry into a let of the hall for the use of Ordinance Survey map making team if it was required.



Bro J Wason presented 2 calendars to the Lodge which were sent to 2 Lodges in New Zealand who had presented working tools in the past years.



Girvan St Johns’  made John McCreadie a honorary member



Samuel Wilson McKie Wallace, Andrew Richard Robertson Johnston.



 Ballot system was changed with “For” and “Against” printed and D’s stand guard and only one person at a time to vote.



Mr Geronimo Davis initiated.



intimated that was time for the annual raffle and proposed by JB Gibson that the main prize was to be a transistor radio



Centenary Committee set up consisting of 11 brethren inc A Lees, A Howie and G Morrison



during the FC degree of Peter McCloy there was a power failure, with the welcome help of a visiting brother the lights were restored.



12 honorary members were made to mark the centenary of the lodge, this was 1 brother from each founder members lodge.



Re-dedication ceremony carried out by The MW Grand M M, Bro Capt Robert Woolridge Gordon of Esslemont



Bro Carson 125 donated a 50year old apron which belonged to Bro William Grant Houston.



Special Meeting - funeral of Bro David McKerlie PM who was 60 years in Freemasonry and 50 years of that as a Past Master



A dedication of a new carpet by PGL where the Rev Bro Ian Collins gave an inspired address on the message of the carpet and spreading the acts of Brotherly love.



Presentation of WJW and WSW’s jewels made by Jimmy Muir PM 198



Team from Dailly won the Ayrshire Curling Cup



Lodge Darts team beat prestwick 1060 in area final



Roy Redmond presented a  Master Chain to RWM bro G Hanks



Deputation from 4 Berlin Lodges headed by Bro Rainhard Huth RWM, Lodge Pestalozzi Humanitas No 530. Lodge was presented with a scroll to mark the visit and a piece of stone from the Berlin Wall. Visit was arranged by Bro J Boyd of 566 who lives and works in Germany.



Dance held within the Station Hotel, Ayr, with the German brethren and brethren from 125 St James, Newton upon Ayr.




566 received a letter form Lodge Oranje in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State No 1603 Grand Lodge of Scotland asking them to confer the MMM degree on their WJW Bro Robert Allum who was staying with Bro John Gilles of 566.



At a special meeting Bro Robert Allum received the MMM degree at the hand of 566.


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