Bro General Sir Charles Fergusson GCMG, KCB, DSO, MVO

7th Baronet of Kilkerran

Son of Sir James Fergusson, from whom the Lodge takes it's name, was initiated

in Lodge Fergusson St James on 16th September 1924.

He left the country later that year to take the post of Governor General of New Zealand,

a position he held till 1930

Sir Charles was Grand Master Mason of New Zealand from 1925 -1928

    In 1927, Sir Charles was approached for permission the call a proposed new Lodge by his name.

He agreed and Sir Charles Fergusson Lodge No 290 was formed.

Sir Charles presented the new Lodge with a Volume of the Sacred Law, a set of working tools and a Banner bearing the Fergusson Arms and Motto

In 1987 Sir Charles Fergusson Lodge No 290  and Empire Lodge No 225 amalgamated

to become Empire Fergusson Lodge No 225.

On his return from New Zealand, Sir Charles was installed as RWM of

Lodge Fergusson St James No 566 on 9th January 1931

Above is a photograph of Sir Charles Fergusson in Masonic Regalia dressed as Grand Master Mason of New Zealand which was presented to the Lodge on his passing in 1951.

Also above the original programme of his Installation in Wellington in 1926.

Above information provided by Bro John McMaster PM/Secretary


Sir James Fergusson 6th Baronet Kilkerran, GCSI, PC 



Sir James Fergusson, from whom the Lodge takes it’s name was initiated in Apollo University Lodge No.357 Oxford.

He was also a member and later Worthy Master of Lodge The Marquis of Dalhousie No.1159 London.

After affiliating to Mother Kilwinning No.0 was Provincial Grand Master of Ayrshire 1859 – 1864.


He was made an Honorary Member of Lodge Fergusson St James on the 27th August 1875.


At the joint consecration of Lodge Fergusson St James No.566 and The Bonnie Doon No.565 Sir James installed both sets of office bearers into their respective offices. 

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Served with the Grenadier Guards in the Crimean war.

MP for Ayrshire 1859-1868 and MP for Manchester 1885-1906

Governor South Australia 1869 – 1873

Governor New Zealand 1873 – 1874

Governor Bombay 1880 – 1885.

Postmaster General 1891-92


In 1907 he attended the conference of the British Cotton Growing Association in Jamaica, where on the 14th January he was killed in an earthquake while walking in the street.


There is a statue of Sir James in Wellington Square, Ayr


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